Alexis has helped clients brand new companies, style photo shoots and illustrate for over twenty years.

Much of her childhood was spent exploring the world with a mom whose appreciation for travel exposed her to unique experiences, sights and cultures. Growing up she admired art, architecture and design from cultures around the world and floated in and out of art galleries in Soho.

A graduate of Columbia University and Sotheby's Institute for Decorative Arts, not only was Alexis inspired by her studies, but the eight years she spent in New York City- one of the most important cities for art, fashion and architecture.

She spent several years working in the field of residential interior design in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco and worked in the art department on a few feature films which ultimately led her to pursue a career in graphic art and illustration. In 2001 she launched her free lance business.

Alexis co owned Blueblood from 2007 to 2015- The line of luxury dog accessories and home goods was sold to retailers in over twenty countries world wide. She designed and directed marketing for the brand.